Woonsocket Rhode Island Police and Fire Digital Scanner

In June 2011 the Woonsocket Rhode Island Police converted from an analog communication to a APC0-25 Digital system. 
They now are heard on RISCON, APCO-25, talkgroup, 1363  
Most people have had to put thier scanners in the closet. And can no longer hear the Woonoscket PD. 
You can listen to them here live on-line with my Bearcat BCD996XT. 

You can download this free ProScan Client and connect directly to my scanner.
Listen Live to Woonsocket Police gone Digital 2011
Download ProScan Free Client Version 7.1 from ProScan.org
This is a stripped down version of ProScan for connecting to a ProScan Server in Monitor Client mode only. 
Audio Recordings and History features are enabled. 
My remote Scanner over IP link is: kd1ca.net:5000
Server Name: kd1ca.net   or you may use the IP address:
Port number: 5000

You can also download archived recordings of previous Police and Fire activity here. Archive